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Aquamarine - Lab Certified

Aquamarine - Lab Certified

To improve decision making ability, enhance happiness and positive vibes.


  • How to Wear: in a gold or copper metal ring on the right hand’s middle finger.
  • Symbolizes: Bravery, Good Health, Self-Confidence, Good Luck.
  • MITHILA GUARANTEE: 100% Genuine, Lab Certified, and Authentic.Purpose:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Gemstone Natural or of a Bangkok (an Impersonation of Natural Gemstone)?

Our all Gemstones are natural and certified. These days, gemstone dealers have begun selling copy/fake/treated gemstones which are tracked down in overflow in Bangkok. Such Gemstones have no mysterious importance and contributing on them is a wastage of money. With MithilaShri, You can be totally guaranteed of the item conveyed. You can check our products authenticity by the certification provided with them.

Q2. How does your lab guarantee gemstones? Is there any determination on endorsement about the treatments continued the Gemstones (Intensity/Glass Filling/Coloring and so on.)

Our Gemstones are confirmed from Worldwide Gemological Labs and Organization. It is quite possibly of the most famous lab in India for Gemstone confirmation. There are not many labs which notice "Not Specified" on Lab Declaration if the gemstone is dealt with or glass filled, however this isn't true with Global Gemological Research centers and Establishment. We sell unquestionably the best quality Gemstone and No Gemstone with any sort of treatment. Consequently, our lab testaments show legitimate data and realness.

Q3. Can I make a return for the gemstone if I don't like it?

Certainly. Gemstones come in different shapes, size and brilliance. No Gemstones can be same in looks and shape. An individual might get mistaken for the previously mentioned factors . To care for this, we have a strategy of tolerating the return solicitations of our items. Our clients can return the items inside 2 working days of its receipt. To do as such, they need to call our client service chief for every single important detail. Generously ensure the item is in its unique condition of conveyance and you have every one of the important archives, embellishments, and bundling with it.

Q4. Would it be advisable for me to wear the Gemstone all alone or do I have to ask some Celestial prophet?

A Gemstone might have positive as well as adverse consequences on the local. Wearing a wrong or underpowered gemstone may not get you the ideal outcomes. We emphatically prescribe our clients to have an intensive counsel with a learned stargazer prior to wearing any Gemstone. With this, you should rest assured about the appropriate impacts, results, and strategy for stimulating the gemstone. You can call our client service group to fix a meeting with our Crystal gazer.

Q5. Why are your Gemstones extraordinary?

A gemstone can be bought from any gemstone merchant at a much sensible cost, yet you can't rest assured about the credibility of the equivalent. In contrast to different venders, we, at MithilaShri sell authentic items with extraordinary quality and affirmation. Our confirmation is perhaps of the most ideal that anyone could hope to find in Indium. Still on the off chance that you could do without the got Gemstone, you can return similar inside 2 working days. You'll get full help from our client service group to return the conveyed item.

Q6. What is the origin of gemstone?

Gemstones are generally found as its mineral which further should be made for legitimate shape. A few gemstones are not legitimate stones but rather they could be stem or base of a plant or they could be a shell tracked down somewhere inside the ocean. The Gemstones that we sell are started from their local spot. They are typically fabricated in production lines with glass, synthetic substances and other non-normal assets. We might want to guarantee that we don't deal such fake gemstones.

Q7. What is Carat to ratti change?

The change rate among Ratti and Carat is as per the following 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carats 1 Carat = 1.099 Ratti

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